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Our Services

Large assortment of tanning beds and custom air brush tanning.


Tanning Beds

Regular, Stand Up, Sunstar, Cayenne, Rejuvaspa, Light Therapy and Hydration beds available for single use or cost saving packages.

Spray Tan

Low cost custom air brush (spray tanning) available in single spray, three spray, or five spray packages.

No Contracts And No Memberships Fees

Complete inventory of low cost designer lotions for pre-tan, bronzing and post tan.

Tanning Packages

Let’s Tan operates with no contracts or memberships. This benefits you in many ways including no liability for long term contracts or memberships. It also benefits you in the large number of low cost tanning packages we offer. Regardless whether you are a first time customer or one of our many existing, long term customers, check out our package deals and save some real money!

Spray Tanning Packages

Let’s Tan also offers several spray tanning packages bringing big savings to new or existing customers. Pricing for the packages is based on the number of spray tans in the package and the type of tanning solution used. If you are a part of the Las Vegas entertainment industry and need a bronzed look for work or just prefer spray tanning to bed tanning, these packages provide you with huge savings.

Walk-ins welcome

Walk-ins are always welcome for bed tanning. We always have sufficient tanning beds to cover walk-in demand. We do request that our spray tanning customers call in advance for an appointment. Please call at least 24 hours in advance for spray tanning to allow us to effectively schedule our best, certified technicians to meet demand.

Let’s Tan provides all of our customers, first time walk-ins, or 10 year veteran customers with free water and free goggles for the tanning beds. Many of our customers store their lotion with us full time so they don’t have to carry it in their car or forget it at home.

Our guarantees:

  • Natural sun look
  • 100% eco-friendly
  • Perfume free airbrushing
  • Skin-friendly tanning beds

What Our Clients Say

Just a few of our YELP reviews!

As long as I continue to live in Vegas, I will NEVER tan anywhere else. It’s been a really long time since I’ve experienced customer service that was as incredible as what I experienced on my first visit here. There was a very nice gentleman that helped me decide the best tan for my skin, explained the lotions, and walked me through how to operate the bed. Many other tanning places here in Vegas are MAJORLY lacking in customer service, but not this place. I feel like they actually listened to what I wanted, and answered any questions I had. I will absolutely continue to come to this place, and will recommend to anyone else I know. I believe this is a family owned business, and because of that I feel like they are more invested in making sure you are more than satisfied. If you want a cheap, quality tan with amazing customer service, this is the place for you!

Jenny C.

Greatest/friendliest tanning salon in the valley. Very cheap rates, great monthly packages, and a staff closer to being family than being friendly. I have tanned here on and off since 2010 and refuse to go anywhere else. Privacy, Clean, music in every room, ice cold bottles water given for free with each visit. This place is amazing!!

Allison D.

Let me start by saying that the two owners are the nicest and most accommodating couple. They really do care more about their service than sales. I used to work in a tanning salon and so I was expecting to be harassed to upgrade beds and by lotions and ect, however, the gentleman who ran the shop instead took my on a tour and told me about every single one of their beds. Their beds are not too impressive but as I have olive skin, it got the job done. If you are looking for a lotion, they have so many to choose from. Snooki, J Wow, designer skin and even sell teeth whitener. I have made this tanning salon part of my weekly routine and I always recommend this tanning salon to my friends.

Samantha S.